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2015 - 2016: Creating solid foundation

- Gaining 10M+ game users with nearly 180K daily active users.

- "Quy Kiem 3D - The era of Darkness" was among top 3 mobile RPG in Vietnam by 2015.

- "Vua Tam Quoc" was No. 1 Three Kingdoms Card battle game in Vietnam by 2016.

- 106 staffs.

2017 - 2018: Rapidly growing with very first remarkable footprints in Vietnam's gaming industry

- Top 3 mobile game publishers in Vietnam after 4 year of rapid growth.

- "Nhat Kiem Giang Ho" was No.1 MMORPG in Vietnam by 2018

- "Tam Quoc Go" and "Vo Cuc Tam Quoc" were No.1 Card battle game in Vietnam by 2017, 2018 respectively.

- "Tam Quoc Truyen Ky" became No 1. SLG in Vietnam recommended by Google Play

- "Fun Festival" offline event successfully organized with thousands of gamers attended.

- The number of Funner doubled to reach 200.

2019: Accelerating

- Total game users exceeded 35M.

- "Tinh Kiem 3D" and "Nhat Kiem Giang Ho" continued to rank #1 free game on both Apple app store and Google Play Store.

- 3 out of 5 most popular MMORPGs in Vietnam 2019 are games published by Funtap.

- Total staff number doubled in one year to reach 400.

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